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What is Hibid?


What is Hibid?

Hibid is an online platform that markets to a global market, and can be itemized by catagories of items being sold. these auctions are setup simular to an ebay auction, Bidders will register to bid online, and place there bids completely online, the bidders can also interact with auction staff as far a question and request more infomation. Hibid auctions are primarly marketed not only by state, and catagory. These items will attract attention from world wide audience that cant be reached by holding a live sale. 

How to determine if this is right for you?

Hibid Sale are typically smaller sales with higher value, antiques, jewlery, rare items would be a great fit. Lets just say you wanted to sell a 1809 british coin and the appraised value is $9,000. If we set this on a live auction within a small regoion with household items and were to auction this off this coin could only bring a couple bucks or a few hundred either way it is not bring the full potiental of the items worth!

Now  take that same coin and put it on hibid, catagoriezed in Nebraska, Coins, Collectables, and antiques,this opens the door not only to the people lookiing the single pages such as Nebraska but it will put them in all of the catagories allowing anyone in those select areas to view them and bid on your items. 

This means that Chris from Omaha is going to bidding against Jarod the coin collector from Berlin, Greg the antique dealer in dallas and so many others.  

How does Hibid help advertise?

Hibid will send out email bast emails to the people looking at items in certain categories, states, regions, ect. as well as the people who have registered with us to bid, sell or whatever they all get emails. Hibid also offers advertising specific per auction type, and items that helps draw attention to the items being listed.

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