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Benefit and Fundraiser Auctions

Benefit and fundraisers auctions are a great way to generate revenue for your non-profit organization or what ever your raising money for. These auctions tend to take advantage of donated items from local businesses and help gather the best bang for the buck by holding items to a market value with the auction process. This is a fast paced sales platform that we can help perform for your event. 

We  can even do silent auctions for your event, allowing you and your organization to worry less about the hassle of the transactions setup and marketing and allow us to worry about that creating more opprotunity to gather better items, and focus in on the event itself. 

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The benefit and fundraiser auctions

As there are multiple options for fundraiser benefits to generate revenue the most popular option is auctions, whether thats silent auctions or live sales the auction platform stands true. There is a lot of questions on which auction works the best for what, traditionally i would say that silent auctions work well with small to medium sized items with low volume of items. Where as a live sale will work with them all small to large but need a fairly decent about of items for a live sale, I would say 75 items or less silent auctions would be a good fit but 150 items or more with hand full of large ticket items the live sale would be best. it also depends on time, if you have a week to sell items with low to medium volume silent auctions work well but f your event is a one or two day event with a dinner or meal to have a huge crowd live sale would be the best for that event.

Keep in mind these are just an opinion and every event is different just like the organizations holding them. we strive to keep events less cookie cutter and more like the individual organiztions thatt hold them. From a global organization to a small town american orgainization they are all individual and the auction process should be treated the same.



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Benefit Auctions and Fundraising Events

There is a lot of questions that get asked on which is better the silent auction or the live sale options. Silent auctions go great with items that are small (i.e gift cards, board games ect.) the live sale is great for a combination of items large and small. There are times that organizations can use both the silent and live options due to volume or time scaling. 

Timing is another factor to consider silent auctions work great over days or weeks, where as a live auction can last minutes to a few hours and be done moving greater the volume of items over a shorter amount of time. due keep in mind that all auction are treated with the same terms and conditions no matter which way you go. That being said we do this to help not only to protect us but to help the orgainiztion holding the event. It very often that items get donated people pay good money for them and that item gets taken home and its not what people thought it was whether its not as valuable or the perfect fit, these terms a conditions clearly outline the responsiblitly of the buyer, the seller, and the agreement both are making in listing or bidding on said items. 

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